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- In Denmark's Largest Shaolin Kung Fu Club

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No special prerequisites are required to be able to train other than the desire. We will adapt the training according to your ability and ability.

Here is room for you who want to learn Shaolin Kungfu on a serious level, for you who just want to get exercise, for you who want to learn self-defense, etc.  

Remember It's never too late to start. You have already taken the first step by looking at this page.

One month of free training is offered and if there are several training days on your team, but can  you not  participate certain days, it is also okay, You decide for yourself how much or little you want to train.

We admit students from 5  years of age and up.

11 months are trained in a season that runs from August to June.  (July is officially closed. But training may occur)

Registration fee is  DKK 150, - It includes a Club T Shirt.

Age group   Price  pr. mdr.  Yearly:
5-9  year         125, -        1375, -

10 - 17 years       150, -       1650, -      

from 18 years        200, -       2200, -


Family contingent *         4200, -

(* Applies to members of the same family,  with the same address)

Family contingent can answer if there are more than two from the same family training. Calculate what you can save here: Contingent calculates

Admission is paid for a quarter

Payment periods: (3 months / Aug-Oct)  (3  mdr / Nov-Jan)  (3 months / Feb-Apr)  (2  mdr / Maj-Jun) - Collection is sent out per. mail.

We expect when you arrive that you meet fresh, motivated, and follow the instructions and instructions given by the Instructors and you do your best.

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